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Serving Animals and People in
Allegany County of New York

The SPCA's mission is to attend to the needs of the abandoned, neglected, and abused companion animals of Allegany County. Change is constant at the SPCA shelter. Animals in great need of care and compassion continually arrive as others are adopted out into their forever homes. The furry faces may change, but the need never goes away.

photos by Jason Gildner Photography


The Campaign for The SPCA Serving Allegany County - Give Me Shelter



Our new shelter is moving along in 2017 and our goal is to complete it in early 2018.  As planned, the SPCA Serving Allegany County has completed Phase 1 of building our new animal shelter in January 2016...and we are in Phase 2 - completing the Cat section, spay/neuter clinic and the main section of the shelter. -  We started construction with Kinley Corp from Allegany on July 20th, 2015 our geo-thermal is in the ground an we are heating our building using the geo-thermal heat system. 

The shelter building has been designed by Clark Patterson Lee from Olean using the latest shelter design techniques, including sound mitigation, energy efficiency, air exchange and sanitation. Improved systems will make the building more comfortable for volunteers, visitors, and our resident animals. In addition, the SPCA has incorporated "green" building strategies to minimize environmental impacts and increase efficiency, such as geo-thermal for our heating and cooling and solar arrays.  We have chosen to construct the new shelter out of ICF (insulated concrete forms) - comprised of styrofoam inner and outer walls and concrete poured inside the walls which not only has a high R-value, but it also will act as a sound barrier. 

This has been all made possible by our donors, bequests and several grants.  The construction of our Low Income Spay/Neuter clinic was made possible by the ASPCA's NY State Animal Population Control Program grant.  We received $100,000 in 2015 to start the clinic and in 2017 we have been approved for another $204,932 to complete the interior construction of the clinic along with outfitting the clinic with the surgical equipment needed.  The Spay/Neuter clinic is critical in helping to control the animal population in Allegany County.  We also received another grant from the Pedigree Foundation for $10,000 from their Program Development Grants for our indoor Dog Exercise Arena.  These funds are being used to help to complete the indoor Dog Arena.  The goal is to reduce the stress on our dogs by giving them the opportunity to have some out of the kennel time for some exercise and play-time in the arena...thus helping them become more adoptable.  A special THANK YOU to the ASPCA, Pedigree Foundation, Bertha Hamilton FOundation & Newman's Own....and let's not forget all of our donors who have made this possible.

Check Out Our New Shelter Design Pics

How you can help to build our new building! The First Citizens Community Bank in Wellsville is taking donations towards our New Shelter, and all donations are greatly appreciated...just let the tellers know you would like to donate to the SPCA and they will put your donation into the SPCA New Building Account. Or you can donate from the comfort of your home computer via Pay-Pal, just click here to Donate or stop into our shelter at 1374 State Route 19 South, Wellsville, NY 14895, you can also mail donations to our shelter address at: SPCA, P.O. Box 381, Wellsville, NY.




Our Cat of the Week is ROSIE!!!  Do you think you could step inside my little house for a moment so we can talk? My name is Rosie and I am about 2 Ĺ years old. I asked you to come inside while we talk because I am just not happy at the shelter so I come in here to find some peace. I came to the shelter after I was found in someoneís attic back in September. Do you want to know why I was in there? Because I was trying to go where no other animals could find me! Iím the type of cat that any independent person could understand. I donít want to live with anyone else and I donít want to play with anyone else either. Iím a homebody and I want to play with my own toys that I donít have to share, eat my meals and drink my water out of bowls that are for me and no one else, and most importantly, I want to sleep in a bed that doesnít smell like any other animal because quite frankly, I find animals who arenít me to be awfully stinky. I am very clean girl and I just canít see myself living with other animals because I have never met another as clean as me! You know the best part about living alone? You get all the attention, treats, and presents all to yourself! The staff help me out as much as they can by keeping the other animals away from me and making sure I get some special Rosie time each day where they pet me and give me treats and pay no one else any attention at all, but I could really use a home where itís all Rosie all the time! I like to be pet and held and played with, but itís hard to get all the attention a girl like me needs in a place like this because everywhere I turn I see other cats and it just makes me so agitated that I would rather not come out of my cage. If you could give me a home thatís all about Rosie, I will repay you by allowing you to pet me and feed me and buy me nice things. Sounds like a pretty fair trade, right?? Come to the shelter and meet me Ė I promise my personality will be even more amazing when I get out of this place and have a home without these extra animals!

DOG of the WEEK - SKYE

Our DOG of the WEEK is SKYE. Hello there! My name is Skye and I want to be your friend! I am about 4 years old and I am the sweetest girl you ever could meet! I love to cuddle, play, and I really love to go out in the yard on my long-line to bounce and frolic around for as long as I can stand the cold! I would much prefer if there was warmer weather all year round so I could have more adventures outside! If I could find a home, I would love a family who had a pretty busy lifestyle so long as there was plenty of time for me to cuddle with you on the couch or in your bed each night! The staff have told me about things like hiking, camping, and playing in water. I think all of those sound like really great adventures! If you are busy and I think I am in need of a nice big hug and some time snuggling in your lap, I will stare at you and not move until you realize I am there. Once you see me though, I will insist you take a break from whatever you are doing to give me some love! I have lived children in the past and they were pretty cool so I think I could live with them again Ė maybe you could bring them to meet me though, just so we can be sure that we will be the best of friends? So far, the doggie friends I have met at the shelter have been awesome! I love to bounce on them and run around and play, but I would prefer to meet any dogs that might live with you already because not all dogs want to be friends with a free spirit like me! The only request I have for my perfect family is that they donít have any cats because anytime I see or smell them, my instinct is to find them so I can chase them! I really am a pretty laid back dog, but I like to have fun so if you think we could live our lives in perfect harmony with an equal balance of cuddles and adventures, I would love to come home with you! I hope to meet my forever family really soon!!

Our shelter hours are NOON to 4pm EVERYDAY.† We are located at 1374 State Route 19 South, Wellsville, NY
.††You can call or email us at 585-593-2200 or SPCAallegany@gmail.com† Let our staff help you to find the right pet for you!

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