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Pets & News


HARLEM - Finally Finds a home!!

One of our longest residents at the SPCA was Harlem, he was with us for 3 years, most people over looked him at the shelter since he was a bit older and not a puppy. But we all knew at the shelter what a special and well mannered boy Harlem was, and this spring he did get adopted, but his new family fell on hard times recently and lost their home and they were unable to keep him any longer. They returned him to the shelter and Harlem was truly confused as to what happened and why was he back here again. Our hearts went out to him, none of us wanted to see him spend another Thanksgiving or Christmas at the shelter, he deserved to be in a loving home.

Immediately we decided our mission would be to find him a home ASAP, so we chose him as Pet of the Week and decided to have him featured at our Radio-Thon - But he never made it to the Radio-Thon as he is now home with his new owners. Here's what they had to say: "My wife and I have had the pleasure of knowing some fine dogs over the years. Some of these dogs had behavioral challenges; others had serious health problems. All of them enriched our lives. Now we welcome a new boy into our lives from the Allegany County SPCA. Harlem is a happy and healthy seven year old dog. He has a zest for life. His excitement overflows every day. He’s the perfect addition to our household. He loves to get attention from us – and he’s generous about giving it back!

It’s evident that he has been really well-loved and well-cared for. We’re grateful for that care because his enthusiasm makes him a great companion. We’re delighted to have him in our home. To the staff at the SPCA we say “good work” and “thank you”! - Don and Karen Ash